In conversation with Lukas Kerrebijn and Kamil Boussatta of RD Vastgoed

Find out how RD Vastgoed is changing the real estate market! The seller pays no commission, but gets fast and transparent deals.

In conversation with Lukas Kerrebijn and Kamil Boussatta of RD Vastgoed

Selling real estate can be completely free, transparent and easy, proves Lukas Kerrebijn Boussatta of RD Vastgoed. They established a platform where not the seller but the buyer pays brokerage fees. These are private and professional investors who are matched with an offer of carefully selected investment opportunities.

About 90 percent of completed transactions involve residential properties, with the remainder consisting of commercial RD Vastgoed is there exclusively for investments, distinguishing itself from traditional residential brokerage. 'Individuals who want to move into the property themselves are at the wrong place Kerrebijn explained. 'It's always about buying for rental or resale, possibly after the necessary preservation and improvement of the property.'

Selling through RD Vastgoed has more advantages than the lack of brokerage fees. The own directly rented back, for example, to free up money. 'Our network of more than 6,000 can switch quickly and make an offer without financial reservation. This allows you as a seller to benefit from speed and certainty, even if properties have been on sale for months with an estate agent.'

Strained housing market

Entrepreneurship is in Kerrebijn's blood. He earned a BBA in Entrepreneurship and has already set up several companies. The idea for RD Vastgoed came about when he completed an internship with a residential real estate broker as part of his basic real estate expert course in 2020. 'There I saw that buyers in a housing market did present themselves,' he says. 'So why should sellers have to pay a brokerage fee there? With that philosophy, I developed RD Vastgoed. From the first moment I noticed a need for it.'

Childhood friend Boussatta joined as a partner a year ago. He previously worked at a sales company, became increasingly interested in real estate. Together with Kerrebijn, he started focusing on real estate for soccer players and artists. That cooperation went so well that it was soon decided Boussatta would become RD Vastgoed's second shareholder. 'I focus more on the preliminary stage: individuals and investors who want to sell their real estate through our platform,' he says. 'When it comes, Lukas brings it to the attention of investors. But there is no strict separation, we can do both.'

Investors more cautious

After founding RD Vastgoed three years ago, the entrepreneurs have seen the housing market "At first the challenge was to find the right properties," Kerrebijn says, "now finding investors is more challenging. They are more cautious because of changes in policy, such as the regulation of middle rent and buyout protection. Because of the new WWS points system, many properties have dropped out because there is no longer a return on them.'

Still, Kerrebijn and Boussatta see more than enough opportunities for investors. To that end, they invest marketing campaigns and relationships to get as many offers in as possible. Boussatta and his all lead, request relevant information and then do the math. Is the file complete, to Kerrebijn and his team.

'To illustrate: out of 1,000 leads, roughly 900 go into the trash, 60 are potentially interesting right away,' says Boussatta. 'Those last 40 are pearls that we would buy ourselves if we had endless resources, otherwise we don't offer them. Investors who have worked with us know that, too.'

Ready-made investment opportunities

Many investors, due to uncertainty about government policy, are choosing to put their money other than in real estate. Kerrebijn and Boussatta think that's an eternal shame. They therefore do everything they can to offer investment opportunities or add as much value as possible. The pile of "maybe" the team at RD Vastgoed carefully sifted through. If the property falls below 187 WWS points, then necessary preservation measures may be remediable.

'We can facilitate that, for example, with our partner Your Solar,' Boussatta explains. 'In addition, a small construction team is busy doing renovations themselves. We also arrange a thoroughly screened tenant if required. For that we have RentConnect, our hiring and leasing arm, the same principle as RD Vastgoed: not the landlord but the tenant pays a fee.'

Free search profile

To match the carefully selected investment opportunities with the right parties, RD has developed its own system for which investors fill in a search profile (https://www.rd-vastgoed.kunnen) free of charge. The great advantage for investors is that the offer is completely exclusive; it is nowhere online.

'Among other things, investors indicate which areas, type of property and price range they are investing in. If a proposition meets these requirements, we approach them personally. If there is serious interest, the sales process. We have always done our homework well, making the sale very fast within one week or two weeks,' Kerrebijn said.

Growth ambitions

According to Kerrebijn, RD Vastgoed stands out primarily with its professional systems, personal direct communication. 'Of course, we continue to invest in that continuously, but are also daily about our growth. For example, we are putting extra effort into our rental and leasing branch and our own construction team, want to do even more transactions aimed at the higher segment. We want to become a full-service and are already cautiously looking beyond our borders at times. But to execute this big one, we need to find new, young talent quickly. For this we have several vacancies open.'