About RD Vastgoed

RD Vastgoed was initially established to make selling real estate more transparent, easier and free of charge. We believe that given the strained real estate market, you as a property owner should not have to pay a brokerage fee when realizing a transaction through a broker.

Based on this philosophy, we started and have developed over the past years into a highly efficient, yet comprehensive and experienced team. This has led to successful execution of our services, with customer satisfaction, speed, transparency, and professionalism at the forefront.

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Lukas Kerrebijn

Partner & founder

I am a disciplined, hard-working and ambitious person with a passion for business. In recent years, I have specialized in the field of real estate. After completing my BBA in Entrepreneurship and my basic real estate expert training, I knew that I wanted to start building my own ventures, something that I dedicate myself to every day with great ambition and drive.

Kamil Boussatta


I work based on values that I have developed during my sports career. Discipline, teamwork, resilience, and perseverance are characteristic of my approach. With my excellent creative abilities, I am able to approach challenges in a solution-oriented manner. Taking on challenges energizes me and brings me satisfaction, and that is where one of my strengths lies: finding a solution in every situation.

Sebas Commissaris

Financial advisor

I have been working in the financial services industry since 2015. Over the past 8 years, I have increasingly specialized in financing real estate to be rented/leased. I am disciplined, creative, solution-oriented and thorough. The more difficult the case, the more my financial heart beats to bring the case to a positive conclusion.

Martijn de Haan

Investment Manager

My deep interest in the real estate industry focuses primarily on investment opportunities. I am passionate about building and maintaining lasting relationships in the real estate industry. Providing high-quality investments and putting client satisfaction at the center of my work are my primary goals. My experience as an EP-W/B advisor adds to my understanding of sustainability, a key factor in today's investment climate. This demonstrates my dedication to the evolving world of real estate investment.

Sep Rangel

Data analyst

Earning my VWO degree provides a solid foundation for my entrepreneurial vision in real estate. My youthful energy combined with a high level of thinking comes in extra handy in our industry. My academic background not only gives me a solid foundation, but also encourages a fresh perspective on real estate entrepreneurship. Ready to take on challenges with confidence, I strive to provide excellent real estate services to our RD Realty clients.

Jasper Luycks

Customer Relations

As a Finance & Control student with a passion for real estate, I possess enthusiasm and practical financial skills. Collaborative and determined, combined with my problem-solving skills, I tackle the daily challenges of the real estate world. My expertise lies in developing client-focused solutions, navigating the complexities of transactions with a keen eye for client satisfaction.